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Classic Series

These are our older, traditional varieties. While they don’t have modern genetics they are still some of the most popular varieties on the market today. They are generally more vigorous than the modern varieties and are a good fit for growers who want a large finished product.

Merritt's Supreme Pink


Merritt's Supreme Blue

HBA Series

Hydrangea Breeders Association (HBA) develops new hydrangea varieties for the customers profit and consumers satisfaction. Attractive new varieties and series are developed with improved characteristics serving the market’s needs, such as compact growth, good branching, and unique colours.

Early Blue

Adula Pink

Speedy Red


Early Pink



Magical Series

The Magical Series is our newest line of genetics. They are known for being very tolerant towards heat and for bloom longevity. They excel as a potted or a garden plant and offer fantastic value as their blooms maintain their beauty as they age.

Magical Greenfire

Magical Amethyst

Magical Revolution

Magical Elizabeth Ashley

Magical Verdigris

Hi Series

Brand new genetics created by some of the best Hydrangea growers in the world. You’ll find ease-of-growing, many branches, and strong flowers with these varieties!

Hi Horizon Blue

Hi Horizon Pink

Hi Meadow Blue

Hi Meadow Pink

Hi River Blue

Hi River Pink

Hi Moon Bi-Colour

Hi White Sun

Hi Sky Pink and Blue

Hi Fire Red

Proven Winners

The Fairytrail© series are some of the most unique Hydrangeas in the world. A cross of two different Hydrangea species; you’ll discover rebloomers like you’ve never seen and an easy performer in the garden. Fairytrail© Hydrangeas grow compact but flower quickly at every leaf pair, creating a dazzling and full flower bouquet.

Fairytrail© Bride

Fairytrail© White

Fairytrail© Green